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About Our Clinic

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of care to you and your family.

Medical Excellence

Centromed, with our dedicated medical professionals, have developed working systems to assist patients in achieving their medical outcomes. We aim to provide a centre of medical excellence which our clients and doctors can be proud of. At Centromed we want to make healthcare better and believe that in providing our patients with the highest quality services will go a long way towards achieving our goals.

Compassionate Care

Our holistic approach to medicine places you at the centre of what we do. You are not just a patient when you enter the doors at Centromed, you are a person and you are our focus regardless of the reason for your visit. Our unique and comprehensive suite of medical treatments on offer has made us the medical leaders within the Hornsby area.

Experienced Team

Centromed Hornsby Medical is the trusted name in medical care for the Hornsby area. We offer an innovative approach to healthcare services in Hornsby. At Centromed we endeavour to deliver the highest quality medical treatment in our areas of expertise. We pride ourselves in our proficiency to lead the field in the areas of Pregnancy and Early Childhood; Occupational Health; Chronic Disease Management; Dermatology; Preventative Care and Health Promotion and Mental Health and Counselling.