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Our Promise

If you’re looking for quality Medical Care in Hornsby, then Centromed is the Medical Practice for you.

Dr Petsentiy and our professional team is here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way. Stop by, call or go online to schedule an appointment to experience firsthand how we can help your health today!

Dr Alexander Petsentiy

Dr Oleksandr (Alexander) Petsentiy GP expertly leads the medical clinic at Centromed Medical Practise in Hornsby. He specialises in delivering compassionate family medical treatment.

Hundreds of Hornsby residents have trusted Dr Alexander to diagnose and treat their ailments. He is dedicated to the holistic wellbeing of the community which he serves with a devoted and gentle hand. Dr Alexander believes that his number one priority is to optimise the health of all his patients by providing quality and accessible healthcare in a dignified and caring manner. To this end, he takes the highest pride in establishing lasting relationships with his patients by going above and beyond the call of duty. Dr Alexander has established himself as a passionate doctor who is enthusiastic about exceeding the expectations of those who visit and trust him. He has extensive medical experience across a number of fields and has actively and consistently practised the highest standard of medicine in Australia for the last 10 years. In 2015 he has bestowed the great honour of being admitted as a Fellow of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Alexander is a fervent family doctor who attained his Medical Doctorate at the internationally renowned Bukovinian State Medical Academy. During his time practising medicine for the past 10 years in Australia, Dr Alexander developed a deep-rooted interest in Dermoscopy as well as the detection and treatment of skin cancers. In following his new-found passion he opted to hone his skills even further and achieved his Advanced Certificate in Dermoscopy. Dr Alexander strives to continually practice medicine with the utmost compassion and care for each patient that enters his doors. As a dedicated professional of the medical sciences, he has an innate interest in family medicine and prides himself in providing the highest quality medical treatment for a range of disorders, conditions and ailments. He provides personalised care for hundreds of patients annually who at times travel from far just to be consulted by who they believe to be the best! Dr Alexander’s bespoke care and manner have earned him great respect with those he treats and those he works with. There is no doubt that family medical consultations are at the heart of the services Dr Alexander provides and his passion for family medical needs goes beyond the services he enthusiastically delivers.