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Chronic Disease Managemen

Centromed Hornsby Medical is the leading and trusted name in Chronic Disease Management for those living and working in Hornsby. With the guidance and assistance of our medical teams, we aim to ensure ongoing support and care for patients directly impacted by a health condition needing chronic care. Our dedicated doctors and care staff possess the right knowledge and skills to help you better manage your chronic illness needs on a day to day basis. Our goal is to ensure that the basics of chronic disease management are covered from your first diagnosis. Our proactive chronic disease management medical treatments are easily adaptable and integrated into primary healthcare routines.

Centromed is focused on the promotion and well-being of our patients dealing with the management of chronic diseases. As a family orientated medical practise, we encourage the management of chronic pain and diseases as a collective approach by all members of the family involved in the care of the patient. We are committed to creating a working environment between the patient, their families and the community as a whole when it comes to improving programmes for chronic disease management and awareness.