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Preventative Care and Health Promotion

Centromed Medical Hornsby in aligned to deliver the highest quality preventative patient care for the overall promotion of health of patients. Preventative care is the foundation of overall health and wellbeing. To this end, the medical professionals at Centromed are focused on playing a direct role in ensuring the health of patients who trust Centromed for their medical needs. Our medical professionals are committed to promoting healthcare for the greater benefit of the community. Using effective healthcare elements our healthcare professionals are able to educate and motivate patients to live better, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We are dedicated to inspiring our patients to live healthier lives and getting them ready for whatever the next stage of their lives hold. Our ideals are collaborative and patient-centred. Centromed medical professionals focused on preventative care are knowledgeable on the latest care guidelines to accurately assess and inform patients of their lifestyle risk factors. We are transparent in our approach to helping those in our care and encourage open dialogue between doctors and patients at all times and regardless of the treatments being undergone. Our expert doctors are able to work collaboratively with their patients to develop lifestyle changes that will ensure longevity.